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The Peernovation Professional Certification Program © comprises 6 weekly modules, each lasting 90 minutes to 2 hours. Supplementary materials will be provided for self-study between sessions, and all live sessions will be recorded for your convenience. Prior to each module, Peernovation, LLC will furnish you with all necessary materials, including a copy of Peernovation What Peer Advisory Groups Can Teach Us About High-Performing Teams.

Upon program completion, you will attain certification as a Peernovation Facilitator, enabling you to deliver copyrighted Peernovation programs and webinars to various groups and teams, enhancing your coaching or consulting practice. Our certification program also emphasizes personalization, helping you integrate the content into your unique story and experiences. This approach ensures seamless delivery and lasting value for your audience.

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Connect with our Peernovation Certified Facilitators today to elevate your organization's cross-functional and departmental teams. Our three-step approach includes pre-work and interviews to understand your goals, a dynamic workshop using Peernovation's Five Factor Reinforcing Loop Framework©, and a follow-up report for ongoing growth. Available in four languages across four continents.

Canada (Available soon in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Africa)

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