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Leo Bottary has spent the last decade taking a deep dive into the field of group dynamics and their relevance to building high-performing teams in the workplace.  Since the release of The Power of Peers (2016), What Anyone Can Do (2018), and Peernovation (2020), Bottary has leaned on his personal experiences as a business owner and senior-level executive, his academic work, and field study in group dynamics to develop highly effective programs for peer advisory groups and organizational work teams alike.

In this short video clip, Leo shares a brief story about his daughter from her days as a pre-schooler to illustrate how peer influence is not only something we've all experienced and intuitively understand, but also remains ever present in our workplaces. Bringing intentionality to harnessing the power of peer influence is what peer advantage is all about and what makes Peernovation possible.

We deliver a range of offerings designed to elevate company teams and help peer advisory groups maximize the value of their experience - both in-person and virtually. Check out our preferred virtual platform from Circles, designed specifically for facilitating deep conversations.  

The Power of We Begins with You.

Business Meeting at Small Table

Company Team Programs

Peer Advisory Group/Forum Workshops

Business Meeting


Maximizing the Value of Your Conference Experience

Imagine your next conference featuring a keynote that has nothing to do with your core content yet everything to do with the reason people attend - to learn, connect, and grow.

The Courage to Ask for Help

We challenge the misconception that seeking help is a sign of weakness. Instead, we view it as an act of resourcefulness, enabling individuals to leverage their unique strengths while benefiting from others.

Accountability as
Personal Responsibility

We turn accountability on its head, so that your team members understand that the power of we begins with each of them. 

Cultivating Collective Intelligence  

Meeting the challenges of the future will require vertical and horizontal leadership. Explore the benefits of Servant Leadership and Peernovation and how collective intelligence will help you excel at both. 

What Makes Great Teams Consistently Great

We explore the philosophy of exceptional teams, emphasizing that winning is the result of a commitment to continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence every day.

The Power of Celebration

Keeping your eye on the prize is fine for short-term projects, but it’s a bad idea for initiatives that requires a longer-term commitment. Find out how celebrating small wins will help you achieve the big wins far more often. 

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