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About Peernovation

Peer•no•va•tion (pir-nə-ˈvā-shən):
peer (people of like status) and innovation (creativity realized)
At Peernovation, we're dedicated to transforming organizations through peer influence and building higher-performing teams in the workplace. We also help CEOs and business leaders maximize the value of their peer advisory group/forum experience.

Our Approach

Leo speaks to group in Oslo about the relevance of Peernovation to any organization.
Combining Vertical and Horizontal Strength

We believe in addressing your organization's vertical and horizontal dynamics to foster growth and excellence. We understand that a company's strength lies both in its hierarchical structure (SVPs, VPs, Directors, Managers, etc.) and in the horizontal dynamics, where key influencers who may not have the loftiest job titles play pivotal roles as trusted voices for their fellow employees.

Harnessing the Power of Employee Trust

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, employees turn to their peers as a primary source of information about what's really happening in their companies. Our methodology emphasizes the significance of these horizontal connections, which provide strength to the company's vertical structure.

By 2030, Millennials and Gen Zs will comprise 75% of the workforce – generations inclined to trust one another more than their leadership, making our approach more relevant than ever.

The Edelman Trust Barometer
Copying Down

Key Terms

The Peernovation Progression 

Business Meeting

Peer Advisory Group/Forum Principles Unlocking Success Together

After years of studying the highest-performing peer advisory groups worldwide, we've identified three key dynamics consistently at work.
The Learning-Achieving Cycle

A reinforcing loop of learning, sharing, applying, achieving, and celebrating, which fosters growth and success.

Intentional and Collateral Learning

The purposeful absorption of content and learning from how we learn together. 

The Leadership Triad

High-performing groups/teams are led by servant leaders who share responsibility for organizational outcomes.

The Five Factors

The Foundation of High-Performing Groups & Teams

Performing at a high level requires intentionality and attention to detail. We've identified five key factors that separate great groups and teams from the rest. We work with your people to delve into these factors for themselves.
The Right People

Selecting individuals who contribute positively and align with the team's goals.

Psychological Safety

Creating an environment where individuals feel a sense of belonging and are free to express themselves.


Fostering a culture of productivity and commitment to excellence.

Personal Responsibility

Accepting responsibility for bringing one's personal best to the team.

Servant Leadership 

Delivering a combination of challenge and support to help the team succeed. 

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