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Welcome to Peernovation

Forged by CEO Forums.
Perfected for Teams.

The Case for Peernovation

Leaders talking about the power of peers in the workplace.

Employee engagement, alignment, retention, collaboration, mobility, removing silos...

Leo speaks to a conference in Portugal about peer advantage.

 We harness peer influence to create peer advantage, helping your teams identify and implement their own solutions.

Did you know...

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“In a study conducted by Grammarly/Harris, ineffective communication costs US companies
$1.2 trillion annually.”

Root Causes

Behind every challenge is a root cause. We help you find it and create lasting solutions. 

Meet Leo Bottary

Founder & Managing Partner of Peernovation, LLC

My passion is building highly collaborative environments that make the world a better place.  My company, Peernovation, taps into the power of peers and introduces models and frameworks that drive higher performance for teams in any industry sector. I love what I do because it makes a difference.

Leo's research takes what peer advisory groups do so brilliantly to build high performing teams in business.

Award-Winning Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

Adjunct Professor, Rutgers University

Opinion Columnist/External Advisory Board Member, CEOWORLD Magazine

What Leaders Say About Peernovation

““Leo's talent for illuminating the strength of unity through his Peernovaion model was precisely the catalyst my high-performing team required to ignite our passion, synchronize our efforts, and establish a captivating, shared vision and collective performance objectives!”” 

— Ronald Adams, Vice President, Distribution Performance, Northwestern Mutual

We take what CEO peer advisory groups do so brilliantly
to elevate your cross-functional and departmental teams.

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