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Peernovation, 2nd ed.

Forged By CEO Forums. Perfected For Teams. (Coming in 2025)

Since Peernovation: What Peer Advisory Groups Can Teach Us About Building High Performing Teams was published in October 2020, I have worked with an additional 500+ groups and teams and added certified Peernovation coaches/facilitators who serve clients on five continents. As we continue to learn and grow, it's time to share our continuous learning in a second edition.

Business Meeting at Small Table


When Peernovation was first published, Forbes Publisher Rich Karlgaard wrote, "Peernovation takes proven concepts for CEO peer groups to higher levels of team insights and company performance. In a post-COVID world, and with the emergence of AI across even more industries, Peernovation reminds us of what doesn't change - our humanity and our ability to collaborate and create. These will be the keys to thriving in the decades to come."

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